3 Signs You Need Online Mediation And Why Is It So Beneficial For You

While mediation typically requires meeting in person there are times when it may not be possible to physically come to an appointment. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the rise of the Internet, making things that were once face-to-face become web-based. In these cases, undergoing an online mediation or e-mediation is the best way to help combat these situations giving both parties the freedom to organise meetings around their schedule. Just like any other form of mediation, e-mediation requires a neutral third party to facilitate a discussion between two parties. Typically, this occurs during divorce cases, business proceedings, and many other legal matters.

With the rise of zoom and online video, everything is easy to set up on the Internet. If you’re looking to do an online mediation at our firm, feel free to get in touch with our team today to help you get your matter sorted quickly and efficiently! Now, let’s get to the bottom of the matter.

Here Are A Few Signs You Need Online Mediation

Both Parties Live On The Other Side Of The World

One big indication that you need to do the mediation over the Internet is if you both reside in differing geographical areas. This would make it impossible to meet in person for a mediation meeting. Online mediation helps cut costs, allowing you to save money on travel expenses. You can also schedule based on the different time zones, making it easier to manage time. By having an alternative option to face-to-face mediation, online mediation makes the whole process more convenient so that you can get the dispute resolved right away, no matter where you are.

Both Parties Conflicting Time Schedules

While originally, online mediation was for those who live in different regions from each other, nowadays it is offered to people who live in the same region. This is great for people who are too busy and are not able to meet up in person. You can exchange your statements via video call meetings and email if you don’t have time. Online mediation has more of a problem-solving strategy in comparison to face-to-face. In-person meetings require more talk-through.

Although undergoing an online mediation speeds up the process, it helps you take your time to draft up an email response, allowing you to strategise and provide a well-thought-out reply. As a result, this cuts the time to find a resolution, making the process a whole lot easier.

Both Parties Have Communication Issues

Some disputes are more sensitive than others. In many divorce cases, there can be a lot of tension between ex-spouses whereby an online mediation might be a better choice than face-to-face. As a result, using email and video calls can prevent either party from giving an inappropriate response, making sure that they can thoroughly reply based on a strategy rather than emotion.

It is important to remain cool and calm during mediation for the best outcome which is why online mediation is a great option for parties who aren’t able to communicate professionally with each other. Performing an online mediation will hopefully allow both parties to finally see eye to eye and find common ground.

Why Is An Online Mediation Necessary?

As we’ve mentioned, there is a big reliance on using the Internet, especially when it comes to legal proceedings. Because of the different schedules, locations, and perspectives of both parties, having an option like online mediation allows both couples to find the time to discuss their matter efficiently. Whether you are a couple filing for divorce or business partners from other sides of the world, you can rely on video meetings, phone calls, and emails to help reach a final verdict. In short, online mediation is the best way to quickly and easily follow through on a dispute without having to go through court.


Online mediation can be incredibly beneficial for many different kinds of legal matters and situations. You can guarantee that your case will be resolved speedily and efficiently, allowing you to get the best outcome for both parties right away. If you’re thinking of doing online mediation, speak to our team today to get started!