The Family Mediation

Online Process

Mediation is a meaningful and effective alternative to traditional litigation. With the right mediator, parties have a real chance of reaching an amenable and agreed solution to disputes that would otherwise necessitate in costly and emotionally compromising court litigation.

Family Mediation Online is committed to providing an objective and professional service that encourages all conflicted parties to come to a mutually agreeable solution to their dispute.

Through group/joint sessions and separate discussions, our mediator will enlighten and encourage all sides in understanding the other side’s viewpoint, clarify issues that are raised, and navigate discussions that eventuate in agreed upon terms.

Our 5 Step Approach To

Online Mediation

Step 1 – Initiation/Contact


The first step toward a successful mediation is in the initiation process. This is where one of the conflicting parties submits a formal request to Family Mediation Online. From there we will contact the other parties involved in the dispute and assess their amenability in participating in the process.

We’ll then explain the process of your particular mediation session(s) with the intention of garnering agreeance to participate in the process. Parties can also choose to send issues that they want covered in the proceedings for consideration.

The mediation begins once all parties agree to participate.

Step 2 – Selection Of Mediator & Agreement


Once the process is underway, the parties will select a Family Mediation Online professional who will act as the main mediator for the case in question. We’ll provide a list of suitable mediation specialists for parties to choose from, each may have a subject-related specialty or area of focus and expertise that may be more suitable for the parties’ needs.

If parties wish to select a mediator that isn’t on the provided list, they can do so by filling in a special request. Once all parties are in agreeance for which mediator will be presiding over the sessions, each will sign a mediation submission agreement and proceedings can begin.

Step 3 – Mediation Sessions


Before the initial mediation session, your chosen mediator will request information and documentation that may be pertinent to the case. The initial session will typically be a joint session with all parties attending the online meeting. The mediator will then explain how the sessions will be run and outline the expectations from all sides as well as the responsibilities that each party has to the discourse.

Parties will then be invited to present their issues/case forward for the mediator and opposing parties to consider and understand. The time and date of mediation sessions must be agreed to by all parties. As sessions will take place online, access to the internet and relevant programs must be assured.
Depending on the scope of the case, a resolution could be reached in a single session, or it could take multiple sessions, these sessions usually last between a few hours and an entire day.

Your mediator may decide to hold separate caucuses and discussions in private. The mediator uses these types of meetings to discuss options one party has, or to share settlement offers from one party to another and facilitate an agreement.

Step 4 – Settlement


A successful mediation will usually end with an agreement. By which we mean all parties consent and agree to set terms and are confident in signing a document outlining these conditions and parameters. This can then be submitted or used in further court submissions or applications that may be relevant or require them.

Step 5 – Alternative Considerations


If an agreement is not reached by the conflicting parties, they are then free to try alternative means of dispute resolution. This could mean arbitration, through the courtroom, or cooling off and trying another mediation later on.

If all parties are truly willing to come to the table and discuss their options and grievances in the spirit of understanding and compromise, then mediation is the absolute best option.

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