Parenting Matters

Following a relationship breakdown, one source of emotionally compromising circumstances stems from the prospects of future care for any children that are involved in the relationship. Dealing with a dissolving relationship is tough enough, factoring in the balances and various facets of a child’s life in conjunction with that can become taxing to all parties very quickly.

Determining the responsibilities of primary caregiving, visitation, healthcare, school, and a variety of other aspects to the child’s life and wellbeing can be difficult if there are combative elements in the separating parents.

This is where Family Mediation Online come into the fold, we have presided over numerous cases relating to family law and parenting matters and have the skillset and ability to help separating couples converse and compromise in a healthy and meaningful manner.

Why Online Mediation Is Beneficial For Parenting Matters

Through mediation sessions, both parents will be able to hash out their grievances and discuss matters relating to childcare and support and all parenting matters, all with an objective third-party present and guiding the negotiations to a healthier and amenable conclusion. It should be noted that equal responsibility does not equate to equal care time with the child, responsibility can be construed as fiscal support.

Finding an equitable solution that serves the child’s fundamental interests and is agreed to by all parties is the underlying aim of mediation. The courts will ultimately decide the level of responsibility that is officiated, this is what is referred to as a Parenting Order – if there is sufficient evidence of meaningful mediation success or if an agreement is made through the mediation sessions, the process becomes much simpler and easier on all parties.

This is beneficial for a number of reasons, not the least of which being the avoidance of costly and emotionally taxing court proceedings in the event of mutual agreement. Avoiding court proceedings is also beneficial for the children involved as a calmer resolution to parental disputes fosters a less combative relationship, which in turn puts less emotional stress on the child.

Online mediation also allows for more comfort in the negotiations and discussions that take place as all parties can choose to have the online meetings in the comfort of their own homes or other location that they prefer. This not only allows for a more relaxed discourse, but it also greatens the flexibility for the proceedings to occur.

Family Care Act Requirements

Under the Family Care Act, separating parties must attempt some form of resolution through mediation before pursuing court proceedings. Some exemptions do exist, for instance if there is evidence of family violence, domestic violence/abuse, or if there are extenuating circumstances. The act also stipulates that decisions and discussions relating to mediation and negotiation maintain a primary focus on the best interests and wellbeing of the child.

Throughout the mediation process, the parental responsibilities of all parties are considered to be the driving force of the negotiation. Equal parental responsibility is often assumed by parents and encouraged by mediators throughout the sessions, this equal responsibility entails joint decisions be made based on the child’s welfare, health, and wellbeing into the future.

How We Can Help

Family Mediators Online can assist you in finding some common ground when negotiating and discussing all parenting matters in a concise and fair manner. We ensure all parties are heard and understood and through extensive experience in family law cases – we can provide splitting couples with a responsible and professional service.

We always ensure that the best interests of the child are addressed throughout and will encourage parents to come to an understanding and mutual agreement. Overcoming any animosity or ill will for the sake of the future and objective needs of the child/children are paramount.

Mediation works. If you want to know more about how Family Mediation Online can benefit your parenting discussions and negotiations – get in touch with us here.