Divorce Dispute


Dealing with a marriage breakdown is hard on the best of days. Family Mediation Online is ready and waiting to provide the best possible solution for divorcing couples to settle and discuss the important factors of progression.

When we talk about divorce dispute resolution, we are referring to mediatory legal services that assist divorcing couples in reconciling their differences and resolve issues and disputes without crowding the court system. For many in the legal community, effective divorce dispute mediation is viewed favourably as a more cost-effective approach, and much faster than traditional courtroom alternatives.

It also allows all parties to discuss and come to a more personal conclusion for the various facets of their split – which in turn will assist with amicability.

Online divorce dispute mediation can be performed from anywhere at any time – accessible and efficient.

A Compulsory Process

As it stands in Australia, divorce dispute resolution is compulsory for separating couples. In order to enter the court system and proceed with the dissolve, evidence of demonstrating a meaningful attempt toward reasonable reconciliation of issues must be produced. If these discussions fail, the divorce dispute mediator will be able to provide a certificate to allow parents to apply to the courts for more official applications such as parenting or consent orders.

Mediator Role

Your Family Online Mediation expert is an objective third-party that is trained and experienced with conflict resolution and family law. Their role is to facilitate and advise on the optimal discussion pathways that will elicit a robust resolution for disputes between conflicting parties. While an officiator, it is important to remember that the mediator’s decisions are not legally binding as they are drafted outside of the court system.

What’s Involved In The Process?

The process of an online divorce dispute mediation is simple enough. Your mediator will lay out how the process will go for that particular session as well as guide all parties to identify and express the pertinent issues that require resolution. In the proceeding discussion(s), both parties are required to listen to the other side without interrupting or hindering the communication, this is to indicate respect and commitment to the process itself.

All parties should also prepare for compromise and to meaningfully attempt to reach an amenable resolution that is fair for all involved. In order for this to occur, relevant information and documentation should be made available to the mediator ahead of time. This allows the mediator to brainstorm avenues of approach to help guide the conversation in the right direction.

If all parties agree with the proposed solution, a document can then be drafted that outlines the plan which is then formally signed by both parties.

Benefits of Online Divorce Dispute Resolution

Choosing to conduct divorce dispute resolution in an online capacity is advantageous for all involved. The overburdened court system is already inundated with family cases waiting to be seen by a judge, so all alternative pathways towards an agreed upon solution are encouraged.

Litigation routes are often more time-consuming, expensive, and have the propensity to further divide impending divorcees due to the increased anxiety and stress that courts often instigate. This can have ripple effects in the life after divorce, particularly if there are children involved.

With Family Mediation Online, the vitriolic and combating tendencies are not as prevalent as they would be in a courtroom setting. The online component also encourages all parties to be in a location that they are comfortable in for the process.

The negotiation component is also beneficial for all parties as there will be compromise on both sides, and a solution that is reached by the combative parties will at least garner more peace of mind than a court-mandated solution that may not composite both sides’ best interests.

Why Choose Family Mediation Online?

We provide a robust and professional service for our clients, offering experience, trust, and expertise in identifying agreeable opportunities and navigating discussion to a fair and balanced conclusion. We understand that divorces are tough on everyone involved, with our help, the process can be a little simpler, straightforward, and unburdened.

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