We have several specialty services at Family Mediation Online, perhaps the most foundational being post-separation mediation and negotiation for separating parties. Post-separation mediation is an excellent method of dispute resolution that doesn’t involve courtrooms or long-lasting headaches.

These discussions are never easy on either party, with financial, parental, and legal arrangements that need to be discussed openly and negotiated between parties that are often not seeing eye to eye.

The difficult and complex negotiation process can be burdensome on separating parties – which is why an objective third-party that is trained to facilitate effective mediations are often seen positively by all involved. It not only gives each side of a separation a chance to voice their concerns and wishes in a safe space, but it also allows a trained professional to assist with directing and focusing the discussions in a healthy and effective manner.

The process works. Over 85% of mediations ending with some form of agreed settlement.

Why Choose To Conduct Mediation Online?

There is a myriad of reasons to consider mediation options in lieu of the court system. While many believe a court trial is inevitable, they neglect to consider they are also time-consuming, costly, and emotionally compromising – they’re an option, but should be considered a final one.

When separating couples decide to involve a third-party for assistance in negotiating a facet of the proceedings. Post-separation mediation services offered by Family Mediation Online is efficient, simple, balanced, and a much more affordable alternative to court trials.

Facets of Post-Separation We Can Address

We strive to cover all facets of post-separation mediation, the most common of which are:

Spousal Maintenance & Child Support

Financial disputes and disagreements are very common with separating parties with discussions around fiscal responsibilities escalating easily. With effective mediation, de-escalating these discussions and keeping them focused on determining fair outcomes for all involved. Gaining perspective with Family Mediation Online also serves to remind all parties of the financial needs of children that are involved with the split.

Parenting Arrangements

If there are children involved, mediation can assist separating couples in determining responsibilities related to them. This can include custody arrangements and visitation protocols that need to be decided by both parties. An objective third-party presence is beneficial in keeping the discussions focused and extinguishing strong emotions from manifesting between embittered couples.

Property Settlements & Disputes

Asset division is perhaps one of the more taxing aspects of post-separation negotiation – particularly if there is a high net worth of assets and property involved. Financial stability and concerns surrounding the loss of emotionally connected belongings can lead to a stressful and elongated experience for all parties. Family Mediation Online aims to subvert this stress with the spirit of fairness and compromise to assist couples in dividing their assets fairly.