5 Major Tell-Tale Signs Of The Finest Mediator

Mediation is growing in popularity among clients and there are many reasons why. It’s a much more quicker and affordable solution than going through a court proceeding. This is because you can have more authority over the matter than getting a judge to have the final say. It is the job of a mediator to help guide two disputing parties to come to a resolution.

All attorney mediators are educated to understand how to deal with a variety of different legal matters. Because of this, the best mediators are the ones that are trained in a range of core essential skills. The question for every disputant is, how can you tell apart between the good mediators from the bad ones? Let’s analyse all the major signs of a high-quality mediator.

1. Honesty & Reliability

Rule number one when it comes to deciphering the finest mediators from the worst is whether or not you can trust them. Unlike a court proceeding, the statements mentioned during mediation are kept confidential. Therefore, it’s important to have a mediator you can feel comfortable sharing private information. If you aren’t able to rely on your mediator then this is a sign they may not be the right fit for you as you can’t open up to them. Simply, a good mediator knows how to create a safe and open environment for everyone.

2. Hardworking

While it’s important to have a mediator you can comfortably talk to it’s also important they are professional. The leading ones are determined to assist you to make sure you get the best end result for your case. They put in the time to do the preparation work to better improve the effectiveness of the mediation. Clients can clearly see when a mediator is doing their 100 per cent best. A mediator that is organised is the best kind of professional to rely on for your legal matter.

3. Analytical

Qualified mediators are those who are quick on their feet and able to fully evaluate a situation. They can weigh out both sides of the situation to find a balanced resolution to the case. These professionals understand when there’s a risk and how to act to turn it all around. In these situations, you can be sure that this is an important quality when it comes to all the problem-solving involved during the process. A mediator that is analytical is a good way to determine the good ones from the rest of the litter.

4. Friendly

Another telling sign of a mediator is that they are compassionate and can be able to listen to your queries and provide you with the support to feel comfortable sharing your side. A mediator should never be spiteful and should always work towards keeping everyone feeling safe and at ease. They know the importance of remaining confident in ensuring that both parties can remain calm during the entire mediation process.

5. Neutral & Unbiased

The main role of a mediator is to remain impartial during the proceeding. It’s important for a professional mediator to not become emotionally invested or favour one party over the other. A mediator who can remain neutral throughout can assure that both parties can showcase their perspective and in a way learn to listen to each other and find a solution that helps both.


The best mediators are ones that are compassionate, trustworthy, and impartial. It is important to look at reviews and their qualifications to gauge whether they are a good fit. Doing a consultation before booking an appointment is another way to determine whether they are a good mediator for you. If you’re looking for a mediator to support you, you can speak to our team today to help you get your matter sorted right away.